A New Year of Horse Racing Handicapping With Lots of Good Betting Angles

A New Year of Horse Racing Handicapping With Lots of Good Betting Angles

The new year is here and we’ve already burned through the first week of it.  We’ve seen the season start at Santa Anita and have started to learn lessons about their new dirt surface.  Yes, it favors speed like the dirt surface they had in place before the synthetic track experiment.  On the other hand, reports are not encouraging about the safety of the track.  We’ll wait and see, however, before passing final judgment and give the staff a chance to work on it and try to make it friendlier to the horses and riders.  

I’m sure they are as concerned as everyone else is about it and they will do what they can to fix it.  In the meantime, is it wise to wager on races run over the surface?  In my opinion, yes it is and the speed bias presents good opportunities if you really know how to handicap for pace.

The new year also brings a fresh crop of two year olds and all the two year olds became three year olds on January 1st.  That means a lot of races for three year olds.  Eventually, as the year progresses, those races will be written for three year olds and up, but right now, they are written only for three year olds, so we don’t have to worry about whether or not runners are capable of competing with older horses.  That will make those races easier to handicap, which means another good betting opportunity.

Another thing that happens early in the horse racing year is a whole crop of maidens will begin their racing careers.  This is a time when looking at sale prices, breeze figures from sales, and sires that produce precocious foals, will all help you to nail some good bets right out of the gate.  Of course, an above average stride doesn’t automatically make a horse a great one, but it doesn’t hurt.  Stride length is one of the stats you can get on young horses, since they are provided to prospective buyers at the auctions and made available to the public.

As 2011 wears on these things will mean less and less until they are finally nearly irrelevant, but for now, they should be in every horse players bag of horse racing handicapping tricks.  However, don’t forget them entirely, in fact, you might want to write down a few good angles that work early in the year so you can refer to them when 2012 rolls around.

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