8 Online PUA Tips

8 Online PUA Tips

Have you ever attempted to pick up hot girls using Facebook and MySpace? Being an online PUA is quite easy providing your profile makes you look cool, busy and interesting!

Take action on the following online PUA tips and you will soon be dating many hot girls you meet on Facebook and MySpace!

1. Your profile picture is so very important! It should really be of you with a really hot female friend. She should be enjoying your company and ideally smiling!

2. Don’t be one of those guys who deletes all trace of ex girlfriends! If a girl looks through your pictures to find that you have ex’s you will gain instant trust and attraction!

3. Show lots of photos where you’re taking part in extreme sports or other cool hobbies! You need to demonstrate, without saying it that you’re an awesome, fun, cool and interesting guy!

4. Never volunteer your relationship status so turn this option off! If you tell her you are single, then you’re making the game too easy for her! Besides, when she asks you, you will know she is interested!

5. You need to show that you’re an educated man of value! So go through your profile for any spelling errors or annoying 14 year old girl text language!

6. Go through your wall posts and delete anything that shows you in a bad light! You don’t need to tell all the hot girls that you’re bored and doing nothing with your time!

7. Close your profile for random access! She should need to request your friendship to see your entire profile! If she does, then this is another sign that she is interested in you!

8. Send your existing female friends a nice complimentary message! Hopefully they will send you one back making you look popular with the ladies! This is a very important online PUA tip that will create attraction for you!

Now all this is in place, you now have a profile that most hot girls online would find attractive. You should now send out some of our Online PUA openers to hot babes on Myspace and Facebook! You will also find some more Online PUA tips and tricks to give yourself an even better profile and greater advantage over all other guys!

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