6 Horse-Sensed Filled Strategies to Increase Online Sales

6 Horse-Sensed Filled Strategies to Increase Online Sales

6 tips to increase your online sales.

1. Tell them a story. We all can spend hours telling stories about our horses, so the first secret is easy. Horse people love hearing about horses, it is one of the very things they live for. You can use a story very easily to provide information about your product or service which motivates them towards a purchase.

· Make it compelling
· Hold their attention
· Intertwine the story with your business or product
· Talk about the magic, everyone loves the magic

2. Tell them the “Why”. Proven fact: when you tell them the Why, over 85% will respond with an answer in your favor. Here is an example that I currently have on the front page of my website that is pulling in a lot of extra sales. My customers know I did not lower the price because I am just so darn cute or so very nice, so I just told them the “Why” behind my actions. Guess what, my sales increased.

“Save! Overstock Sale: We have a new employee doing the ordering and now we have some things that we are just overstocked on, so we are passing the saving on to you.**

Just tell them the “why” you are doing something. Customers love the connection and the felling that you are doing something special just for them.

3. Be as specific as possible.

Example: My paint produces color nearly 100% of the time. or We started using “Painted Sun” for breeding at the age of four and since that time he has produced 95.2% color in all of his foals, not only in APHA mares but in AQHA mares as well.

See the difference. Know all the facts and tell them to your customers.

4. Tell them the truth and nothing but the truth. Customers see so many ads on how “just buy this bit and you horse will never raise their head again”. Just tell them truthfully how it is and you will win a loyal customer for life that returns to you over and over again. Only promise what you can absolutely deliver. In the horse community word-of mouth will make you or break you, so make sure they know that you will always tell the truth.

5. Answer any questions, before they surface. On my site, the number one question is “Where do I get the Horse Hair?” So we have an entire article on just that one question. Think of the questions that they are might ask and get it answered. Turn off the little guy in their head that keeps telling them “Ya, but?” This is an easy way to get ahead of the competition.

6. Make it rare. What happens when a breeder only offers 4 slots to outside mares? He is full and letting in just a few more before the end of the offer. Just like the Over stocked items, it makes the item available only to a select few. Scarcity make consumers want to buy, it is just human nature.

All these are pretty easy strategies to implement into your business, but once you start making them work for you, just watch your sales increase.

Come for a visit our horse forum and community page or post your greatest horse story, suggestions and let me know if there is any thing else you would like to see on our site.

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