5 Kick Ass Ways To Get More Comments On Your Blog Posts + 1 Bonus

5 Kick Ass Ways To Get More Comments On Your Blog Posts + 1 Bonus
I feel your pain. You write what you think is a killer content post. You follow the details to make it a great copy. The stats are showing traffic to your new post so you know people are reading it. But, there are only a few comments trailing your post.

Dont vex and dont give up! Most likely, you havent done anything wrong. Actually, you have taken a step in the right direction. By taking the time to write a good blog post. Many bloggers share the same problem as you. So lets look at ways for increasing blog comments.
How to get comments on your blog posts
1. Dont require readers to register to leave a comment
If you make your readers sign-up and login, your not going to see many comments. Not all readers are bad ass bloggers, like yourself (I thought everybody blogged, Christine. Sorry, this is not the case.). So your sophisticated blog commenting system could be killing your conversation before it even gets started.

This blog uses Disqus. Commenting can be left as a guest (no sign-up required) or as a Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo or OpenID user. As the admin, you can reply to readers from the WordPress dashboard, the blog post, from the Disqus website, or Disqus mobile application. Its a pretty sweet platform.

2. Showcase your readers comments
Add a Recent Comment Widget to your sidebar. Users can actively read the feedback left by other readers. This can compel a reader to leave a comment in return.

The Disqus comment platform provides a code to paste in a text widget. This will pull a users gravatar, leave an excerpt of the comment, and denotes the length of time the comment was left.

Create community and engage with your readers.

3. Ask for comments
Straightforward. This first step in getting comments can work well. Complete your blog post by inviting readers to leave comments.

In my email newsletter, I end with the comment, click here to read more & leave a comment. I do send email updates with full post description, but having a link is an easy way for a reader click and leave their thoughts. Comments lead to great conversations on posts. As a blogger, it is a way to talk openly and build trust with your readers. The same trust that will turn readers into customers.

Rule of Thumb: You can roughly gauge the amount of readers you receive to your blog, by the amount of comments left. Roughly 9% of readers will leave comments time-to-time and 1% will actively leave comments. I use the simple thought, that 10% of my readers leave comments. Meaning, if five people left comments in a day, I can assume approximately 50 people read my post.

4. Ask questions and opinions
Ask your readers opinion about the topic. People enjoy sharing their opinion. Especially on a controversial topic left up for debate. the process of asking for questions and opinions fosters community by including your readers.

In many of my posts, I will ask questions. For example, in this post I am going to ask you, how do you get more comments on your blog post? Comments can help you increase your knowledge about a subject, lead to good debates, or lend future post topics.

Consider highlighting or setting your font to bold with the main question in the post. Readers who scan posts will focus on the question. Increasing your prospects for a comment.

5. Respond to your readers comments in a timely manner
The key to conversation is a two way street. Meaning, be active in the conversation you started and reply to the comments. Your job as a blogger does not end when you publish a post. Engage with your readers. While comments dont require immediate response, good practice is to answer it in a timely manner.

I make it my goal to respond to all my comments left on The Platinum Pro Marketer. For one, I love a good conversation. Two, youve taken the time to stop by and comment on this blog. I think it is my commitment to respond to that comment.

BONUS: Rewards your commenter for commenting
If all else fails, consider rewarding readers for commenting. Recently, Ive seen blogs, like Consumerism Commentary, use a point system. When a reader logs in, they can accrue points when they leave a comment or share articles via social media tools. The points can then be used to buy goods like books and gift cards.

CubePoints is a point management system (plugin) designed for WordPress blogs.

These are only a few of the ways to get more comments on your blog. How do you get more comments on your blog post (I told you I was gonna ask)?

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